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CHEW BARS not Are as Popular today as they once were and sadly so many are no longer available but we do stock the most famous popular chew bars in full size and mini versions and our range includes the Famous Wham Bars, Blackjack chew Bars, Fruit Salad Chew Bars, Vimto, Drum Stick, Swizzels Refresher Chew Bars along with many many more. You can even buy a Swizzels Matlow assorted min chew bar mix up with all those classic such as Stinger chew Bars, Snap and Crackle Chews, Strawberry Refreshers and many more in the mix.
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Assorted Wham Minis Candyland Mini Chew Bars Retro Sweets
Candyland Assorted Wham Minis - Wham Mini Chew Bars Chewy Retro Sweets Assorted Flavour Mini Chew Bars (Assortment may vary) - Random Mixture of Assorted Flavour Retro Mini Sized Chew Bars - Medium Soft...
Airheads Assorted Random Mix Of Chew Bars x 6
Air Heads Assorted Mix Of Chew Bars x 6 These chew bars each weigh approx 16g and are full of fruity flavour! In this Listing we are selling an assorted random mix of Air Heads Chew Bars which may Include:...
Air Heads Blue Raspberry 16g Chew Bar
Air Heads Blue Raspberry Chew Bars x 2 These chew bars each weigh approx 16g and are full of fruity flavour, and here we are selling two. These Beautiful Raspberry Candy chew bars will become irresistable....
Swizzels Minis Assorted mini Me Retro chew bars sweets
113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag (APPROX 14-15 of SWIZZELS MINIS - Those ORIGINAL SWIZZELS MATLOW chew bars but these ones are the new mini version and include all the best swizzels chew bar sweets...