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TFF Coconut Ice by The Fudge Factory
TFF Coconut Ice - Iced Coconut flavoured Luxury Raspberry Coconut Ice chunks Made by The Fudge Factory, Lancashire and part of our Gourmet Range. Description A Clear plastic Poly Shop Sealed Weigh Out...
Brays Coconut Toasties
Brays Coconut Toasties - Soft chewy coconut Confection Sweet which is a new edition Coconut sweet similar to the old fashioned Taveners Coconut Teacakes Description Clear plastic Poly Shop Sealed Weigh...
Fudge Ice Vanilla Candy with Strawberry Coconut Ice
TFF Fudge Ice Vanilla Candy with Strawberry Coconut Ice - chunks of Fudge ice Made by The Fudge Factory, Lancashire, England, U.K. for Stockleys Sweets and The House of Candy. Here We are selling a Clear...
Marzipan Flavour Fudge The Fudge Factory
Marzipan Flavour Fudge chunks/pieces This is Handcrafted big chunks of tasty Marzipan flavour Fudge which is hand cut to ordered / required weight. (113g Weigh out bag of cut to order fudge which is a...
Stockleys Raspberry Coconut Crumble
Stockleys RASPBERRY Coconut Crumble - Hand Cut chunks/pieces made by Stockleys, Lancashire. This is Handcrafted medium to medium large sized chunks of tasty Raspberry Coconut crumble - Manufactured By...
Kingsway White Chocolate & Coconut Macaroon Clusters
Kingsway White Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Clusters Candy Sweets - Cluster of Desiccated coconut with white chocolate Produced for Kingsway Sweets x 113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag or select larger...
Coconut Macaroon Bar/s 227g
Coconut Macaroon Bars x 1 bar or 1 bar and a bit of another bar to total approx 227g in weight. Please read listing in full for all info. 227g (Half a pound) weigh out bag or upgrade and - choose your...
Milk Chocolate Coconut macaroons
Milk Chocolate Coconut Macaroons Here we are selling a quarter pound (113g) of these Milk Chocolate Coconut Macaroons. These are Chunks of Milk Chocolate with Coconut Shavings, which together make a crunchy,...
Dobson Ryburn Coconut Mega Lollies Gluten Free Sweets
Ryburns Coconut Mega Lollies Lolly pops sweets x 5 these Coconut mega lollies are made in the traditional sweet making way - a hard boiled mega sized white and brown coloured round shaped coconut flavoured...
Coconut Ice Chunks/Squares sweets
REMEMBER THIS ? -COCONUT ICE ! - Those ORIGINAL COCONUT ICE good cut sized square chunks of soft coconut ice VERY much like a fudge texture with a strawberry and vanilla creamy flavour very tasty stuff.....
Traditional Coconut Sweet Tobacco aka Spanish Gold
SWEET TOBACCO AKA SPANISH GOLD BACKY (SWEETS) X 113g weigh out bag sugar coated chocolate flavoured coconut strips. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL SWEET TOBACCO AKA SPANISH GOLD sweet tobacco - SUGAR COATED CHOCOLATE...
Taveners Coconut Mushrooms Sweets
113g a quarter of a pound weigh out bag of the original Taveners Coconut Mushrooms - Coconut flavour mushroom sweets with their brown caps dipped in dessicated coconut by British sweet maker Taveners -These...
Coconut Rolls Sweets
113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of Coconut Rolls, those great classic family retro sweets... Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Coconut, WHEAT Flour, Cane Sugar Molasses, Gelatine, Liquorice Extract,...